What issues must young people pay attention to before choosing a business?

First of all, let us first understand what is entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship is actually the realization of resources. Note that there are resources first, then entrepreneurship, not the other way around. No matter what the resources are, it is the experience of many years of experience, the network of contacts, the accumulation of technology, and the change of money into money. This is called entrepreneurship. If you have no resources, you can integrate resources. In a sense, this is even more bullish. Many people don't understand this truth. They are full of entrepreneurship. That is called charity and poverty alleviation. The essence is to take the savings of themselves, their parents, and even the investors, and pay them. In the heart, we must understand what the purpose and significance of entrepreneurship is. We must choose a project that is bright and fair, able to give entrepreneurs enough strength, can be upright, without any restraint, and can be fully engaged in business.

Small business, can not be big-handed, to be careful, first to do things that you are familiar with, this is very important, any entrepreneurial project, any entrepreneurial industry is not three days and two days to understand, do not think of a startup industry too simple, Relevant industry experience is very important. If you are not familiar with a certain field, no matter how much money others make, don't follow suit. You may follow the trend may be a stepping stone for others. Objectively evaluate yourself, don't feel that you are really capable. It seems that everything is clear to you. In fact, one's strengths and strengths are limited, and they are often deceived by themselves. If you want to evaluate yourself objectively, you must mainly let you Friends and relatives tell you whether you are outgoing or introverted? Do you suffer? Do you put the following? Is there a good ability to express? Is there a good psychological endurance? Is it suitable for doing things independently? Suitable for dependencies? Is it an optimistic person? Is there a strong self-control? and many more. Only by making these investigations clear is it clear what kind of person you are.

Do not do high-tech and market immature industry entrepreneurship, these industries often seem to be profitable, in fact, the threshold is also very high, small capital entrepreneurs without capital support is difficult to persist so long to wait for success. It is best not to be a partnership, a small business, not a partnership (except for relatives), in theory, team spirit or cooperation, it sounds reasonable, small business does not need to cooperate, it is best to do it alone, otherwise Many of your energy will be spent outside the business. This may sound wrong, but it is correct during the actual operation. You prefer that employees do not want to partner. Very strong execution, entrepreneurial ideas and planning are just a short process. Then there is a stage of uninteresting execution. This stage is not a fun and challenging thing in your imagination. On the contrary, it is very cumbersome and needs. Do not vent to do it. It is also important to let your loved ones support you to start a business. It is not a matter of your own business, it is a matter for your family, it is a matter for all your friends, because your business will affect their lives, if They don't understand that it doesn't support you. It will not give up until a long time.

Enterprises are composed of talents, products and funds. The lack of self-owned funds often leads to excessive interest burdens on entrepreneurs and the inability to achieve careers. Therefore, entrepreneurs must have the concept of "how much strength to do", enterprises should first seek survival and then seek development, and lay the foundation, do not be high-spirited, greedy performance, ignore risks, must pay attention to the operating system, step by step, and then seek to create profits And further expand the business. Don't over-debt management; companies should be "bigger" rather than "big", "bigger" is to gradually expand after profit, "big" is to force debts, only empty shells have no strength, encounter risks It must fail.

All in all, before starting a business, you should first adjust your psychology, do a good job of self-assessment, and understand whether you are suitable for starting a business. Once you are on the road to entrepreneurship, you should work hard to master the principles of entrepreneurship and become successful and happy entrepreneurs.

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