How do grassroots webmasters locate their websites in the early days of their business?

Under the new situation, what do grassroots webmasters do to make money? Many grassroots entrepreneurs believe that building a website as a webmaster is an industry that can make big money at a low cost, but how can we make money? If the website has traffic advertised to lie down and earn money, yes, this is the advantage of being a webmaster. Lying down can make money, but there must be preconditions and traffic. Then this question can be further explored. If you want to make money, you must do a website with traffic. How can a website with traffic be done? Become a problem that every webmaster considers every day. How do we make a website with traffic? What? Where does the traffic come from?

What is website traffic?
Generally speaking, website traffic refers to the number of visits to the website. It is used to describe the number of users accessing a website and the number of web pages viewed by users. Commonly used statistical indicators include the number of independent users of the website and the total number of users (including repeated visits). ), the number of page views, the number of page views per user, the average time the user stays on the site, and so on. He is different from the concept of ip and uv. Generally speaking, the website PV can be understood as the traffic of the website, then the website IP is only the independent IP number of the website. The same IP address is calculated once a day for ip from 00:00 to 24:00. Then pv visits, that is, page views or clicks, are calculated once every time the user refreshes. The website UV is called an independent visitor. A computer client accessing your website is a visitor at 00:00- The same client is only counted once in 24:00. So the common understanding of an Internet cafe is that Internet cafe owners visit your website and only record one ip. No matter how many people visit your website, this Internet cafe only remembers one ip; everyone who visits you in this Internet cafe remembers For 1 uv, then pv is the Internet cafe 5 people are visiting your website, and click on your website 10 pages, we recorded these record visits as 50 pv. That is to say, our website traffic can be said to be the amount of pv on the website. Understand this concept, let's talk about how to improve traffic.

How do high-traffic websites do it?
In the SEO optimization process, one of the key points of the center is to create a high-traffic website. Long-term effective traffic or fans are required to work for a long time. As long as you reach the content that the user cares about, you can better attract users, and how to judge the user's mind? We naturally guess Through, so the need to check the data, use the data of the search engine to understand what users often look for.

What are the characteristics of high-traffic websites?
The first easy to remember website domain name, generally requires a short and easy to remember, you get a complex domain name, most netizens can't remember, naturally in the browser can not directly enter your website by memory! All good domain names are also an important part of creating high-traffic websites, otherwise good domain names can't be fired! The quality of the website page determines the overall level of the website. If your website can solve problems for users, it can naturally trigger the user's forwarding and sharing, which becomes part of the external chain. Good content is the best guarantee to attract users. The more beautiful the website, the better the experience for the user, the more attractive they are. Finally, there must be a lot of quality content, which is a must for high traffic.

Read here, has it stirred up the enthusiasm in your heart? To be a high-traffic website, the simple page is simple, and it is complicated. It is also a headache for all the webmasters. As a grassroots webmaster, it is not in favor of getting a large portal. The first funds are not supported, and the second time is not supported. The third is not the resource. If you have money, it is not a problem, but as a grassroots, this is also the first step for many old webmasters to recommend a blog! Once the blog is done, it can still stand out on many websites.

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